Casa Dos Rios

Casa Dos Rios is our home in Central California in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The property is approximately 14.5 acres and includes a 4 acre vineyard, about 1.5 acres planted native gardens and about 7-8 acres of creeks and riparian corridor.  Jean is a birder and wildlife enthusiast and has completed about 3 acres of restoration within the creek corridors, removing the invasive plant species to allow native species to thrive.  This has allowed more native wildlife to thrive on the property, and the list of flora and fauna is quite extensive, many species propagating or reproducing here.


Jean has written several new articles which can be found under the Articles tab at the top of this page.  One is about her recent trip to Brazil, where she spent time birding in the Atlantic Forest as well as near Iguazu Falls.  Another is about her recent trip to Iceland where she went with her childhood friend, Janna to see the Northern Lights, but ended up seeing and experiencing much more!  Read about her gallop over ice on an Iclandic Horse and find out what the tolt is.


Jean is an avid photographer who began her journey photographing birds.  Now, her interests include scenery, plants and flowers,  travel photography, insects, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, macro and nighttime.  You can view her photography within articles or in the Photo Galleries heading at the top of this page.  Recent galleries include Brazil, Iceland, Belize, Casa Dos Rios Native Gardens, Casa Dos Rios Creeks and Creek Restoration.