Casa Dos Rios Birds

This is a comprehensive list in loose taxanomic order of all bird species seen at Casa Dos Rios since it was purchased in April, 2004.
Common NameLatin NameNotesLink to photos
Total species
Double-crested CormorantPhalacrocorax auritusflyover 1/6/14
Wading Birds:
Great Blue HeronArdea herodiasflyover on 2/11/08, 6/30/10 & 7/4/10; bred across Watsonville Rd. in eucalyptus 4/14
Great EgretArdea albaforaging in native garden for two days in 9/08
Black-crowned Night-HeronNycticorax nycticoraxjuvenile flyover 6/24/14
Geese & Ducks:
Canada GooseBranta canadensisflyover (2) on 4/3/10
Wood DuckAix sponsabreed here regularly - 3 pairs bred here most years, no breeding in 2014 due to drought, 5 pairs breeding here 2015 with addition of 10 new nest boxes, as many as 28 photographed feeding on olives/acorns on wildlife cams
MallardAnas platyrhynchosseen regularly year-round, no evidence of breeding
Hooded MerganserLophodytes cucullatus1/1/15 pair seen feeding in Uvas Creek
Common MerganserMergus merganserLast breeding record here was in 1990, pairs seen here most winters but no current breeding evidence
Turkey VultureCathartes auraregular flyovers, perch on house and fences periodically
White-tailed KiteElanus leucurus1st pair here 3/08, pair her on 4/26/10
Sharp-shinned HawkAccipiter striatusregular here - watched one kill Western bluebird 5 feet away!
Cooper's HawkAccipiter cooperiiregular here - photographed nesting pair 2013, more common than sharp-shinned
Red-shouldered HawkButeo lineatusnested in riparian corridor in 2007, and has nested nearby other years, regular flyovers, one found dead in creek
Red-tailed HawkButeo jamaicensisregular fly-overs, two found dead in creeks over the years
Golden EagleAquila chrysaetosNest 1 mile away off Day Road, flyovers 9/6/09 & 9/13/09 (very high up)
American KestrelFalco sparveriusregular in field across the street
Game Birds: